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Fluent Money Ltd

Chorley New Road, Horwich BL6 5UE

0800 860 0025
Rivington House, Horwich Business Park, Chorley New Rd, Horwich, Bolton BL6 5UE, United Kingdom
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    • Home purchasing assistance

    • Mortgage loan application assistance

    • Mortgage loan shopping assistance

    • Mortgage refinancing assistance

    • Bridging Finance

    • Bridging Loan

    • Budget Plans

    • Buy To Let Loans

    • Buy-To-Let Mortgage

    • Car Loans

    • Critical Illness Insurance

    • Debt Consolidation Loans

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    Fluent Money Ltd Reviews

    4.1 stars based on 171 reviews

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    • M

      Mrs B


      The worst company I have dealt with. Taken over 3 months and they promise every week it’s the last lot of questions or paperwork needed. They Say the loan will be completed by the next day , yet 4 times and 6 weeks later it’s not. I am cancelling now as it’s the most annoying company I have dealt with .

    • S



      Be aware when working for this company, staff are rude and have attitude. Managers are stuck up and think they above other workers, customer service isn’t the best considering it’s a a customer service role. Stay clear

    • A

      Abi Young


      I started a loan application with Fluet 3 weeks ago. When I had my initial call I was promised 3 key things that made me go for them, none of which have been fulfilled.1. Very little paperwork. Not only has there been an absolute Mountain of paperwork, I have answered the same questions no fewer than 6 times. On the phone, in the paperwork, on the phone again, in more paperwork, over email and oh yeah, on the phone again.2. It would be fast. 3 weeks in and I have had my loan changed 3 or 4 times, amazingly, the cost going up every single time.... It's never gotten cheaper. They called yesterday to say my repayments would be £200.... According to the latest email it's going to be £239. I am still no further forward as to what is happening with my application. I have even had to phone the lender to find out what is happening, who can't talk to me because fluent are involved.3. Friendly and easy to interact with people. Well the first guy was great, they have now taken to make him call me every time something else has gone wrong their end, that's going to result in me having to pay more. The second one, the case officer, miserable, unenthusiastic, and fills me with absolutely no confidence that she is actually doing anything towards my case.I wish I had gone direct to Oplo, I've now got to pay this hideous company£2000 for this loan if it goes through. And honestly, I don't think they have earned a single penny of it. I've had sleepless nights, worrying about if this is going to go through or not, and I am so sick of answering the same questions over and over again with them. They will ask you a tonne of questions, just to send you paperwork that you have to answer the same questions.... Then they will make you do it again over email. I am honestly so unhappy with this service, but I am too far down the rabbit hole with an iffy credit score at best, that I can't just change the company.Please if you want simple and fast, stay the hell away from these guys.

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    • 1. How to Contact Fluent Money Ltd?

      You may reach them at this phone number 0800 860 0025. Completing their online form on their website can be helpful.
    • 3. What Kind of Services Does Fluent Money Ltd Offer?

      Fluent Money Ltd also provides these kind of loans:
      • Home purchasing assistance
      • Mortgage loan application assistance
      • Mortgage loan shopping assistance
      • Mortgage refinancing assistance
      • Bridging Finance
      See more services from Fluent Money Ltd.
    • 5. Is Fluent Money Ltd an Agency or a Lender?

      Fluent Money Ltd is a Mortgage broker. However, FastPaydayLoans, as an online lending broker, can help you establish connections with over 100+ lenders to get get no credit check loans via their service.
    • 2. Where Can You Find Fluent Money Ltd? How Can I Find It?

      Fluent Money Ltd is at Rivington House, Horwich Business Park, Chorley New Rd, Horwich, Bolton BL6 5UE, United Kingdom. You may use the map to discover the quickest route.
    • 4. How Can I Obtain a Loan at Fluent Money Ltd?

      You can complete the online application form on their website. If you need loans on the same day, you may find further information on FastPaydayLoans.
    • 6. What Happens If I Cannot Repay My Loan?

      The best way is to speak with your lender if you think you might have difficulties making your payments on your loans. Your lender may either agree to a different due date or permit you to defer payments for a few months.
    • 7. Is Fluent Money Ltd Provide Loans for Bad Credit?

      Yes. However, if you want to get loans with bad credit online, check on FastPaydayLoans.