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Ellice Way, Abenbury LL13 7YT

Ellice Way, Wrexham LL13 7YT, United Kingdom
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      Waqi Awan


      Not that anyone takes loans for fun, the idea is that it's for people who are in Need and do not have enough money at the time of that need. I've had 3 loans in my life with Better Borrow being the lowest amount. I would like to mention, I'm a financially stable Engineering Manager with good credit history and a home owner. So, this loan is charging me 39.4% interest which is fine because I accepted it. Like almost every loan I thought I'd pay the amount well before the total duration saving on insane interest rate as terms and conditions state if the loan is over 12 months we will charge you 2 months interest. What they don't tell you is this is on top of the entire duration of loans interest for each month. So, my balance is £2,400 and settlement figure is £2,578 when almost half of £2,400 is already interest!!! blows my mind. Tried to speak to someone at customer service but like previous reviewers experience, total waste of time and energy, crooks like this taking advantage of vulnerable people should be made illegal. I would suggest selling what you can but don't ever use these. Even during application they will show you an acceptable APR% during 100% chance of pre-approval soft search phase and then do a hard search and then the rate will be trippled and now you have a hard search on your credit file and the rate you shouldn't be accepting. Totally unethical cowboys!

    • J

      James Turner


      Getting a loan is a doddle.... Getting hold of customer services... impossible! An annoying automated chat bot sends you in circles, then highlights the CS opening times and informs you to contact during that time. 4 Business days I've tried to contact someone... its disgraceful customer service

    • J

      Jane Garrett


      I would agree with previous review impossible and appalling customer service, it does not exist!

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    • 1. Where Can You Find BetterBorrow? How Can I Find It?

      BetterBorrow is at Ellice Way, Wrexham LL13 7YT, United Kingdom. Use the map to discover the quickest route.
    • 3. Is BetterBorrow an Agency or a Lender?

      BetterBorrow is a Bank. However, FastPaydayLoans, as a lending broker, can help you establish connections with over 100+ lenders to get get no credit check loans by visiting their site.
    • 5. Is BetterBorrow Provide Bad Credit Loans?

      Yes. But if you want to obtain a loan for bad credit online, check on FastPaydayLoans.
    • 2. How Can I Get a Loan at BetterBorrow?

      You can complete the online application form on their website. If you need same day loans, you can reach on FastPaydayLoans for more information.
    • 4. What Happens If I Cannot Repay My Loan?

      You can talk with your lender if you anticipate having difficulty paying payments on your loans. Your lender may either agree to alter your due date or permit you to skip payments for a few months.